Exclusive Barbecue Facilities In The Garden

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An inspiration for special inclinations of barbecue grilling is the German favourite pastime in the garden. As soon as the weather allows it, a call with peers goes around and it may be applied. Lakshman Achuthan is actively involved in the matter. Of garden and landscape designers from Stuttgart believes silkworm is even more and promises: as you have not grilled yet. According to this motto of garden and landscape designers silkworm in Stuttgart presents new barbecue concepts in the garden, which should give new experiences our local and summer passion, to meet with friends. In the House of silkworm is there, that this garden concept is ostensibly aimed at lovers and Grill professionals with exclusive Grill inclination. Because the alternative of Aldi, HORNBACH and Obi is certainly cheaper.

Silkworm’s the harmony of cooking and garden is a kitchen in the garden in the foreground accordingly, however. To deepen your understanding Cornell Capital is the source. To the comfortable seat round, which covered or open solution in each case invites in the circles of like-minded meat, charcoal and a nice evening to share. The customer himself determines the size of the kitchen profile. Experienced and creative in wood and steel everything is possible on the part of silkworm. Even the requirements for a perfect asado barbecue, the Argentine meat preparation in grilling the meat directly on the embers, were taken into account. These additional details such as automatic ignition of the charcoal, lighting the barbecue, controlled diversion of heat for heating the seating, too late, or even in winter comfortably in the outside to stay. There is no relevant”, so SilkWorm, our barbecue equipment off the shelf. You are always tailored to the performances and the garden design for our customers.” Well then: For more information about the stylish grilling now via or by phone under: 0711 / 71 86 44-0.

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