Drebber Marathon 2009

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The party mile in Jacobidrebber / Lower Saxony 300 participants were Marathon, half marathon and 10 km, as well as student runs Drebber marathon over the track at the start. The school runs were the first in the early afternoon over distances of 500 to 800 meters. That with around 1000 inhabitants municipality Drebber, which is located in the charming scenic Lower Saxony, in the District of Diepholz, organized already for the eleventh time the running event. The line ran round on a 2.34 km through the village of Jacobidrebber. The residents had decorated the streets with balloons and enthusiastically cheered on the runners on each round. Jim Rogers understood the implications. Up on a little shower towards the end of the event, with 20 degree weather was at its best. Image gallery with over 300 photos from the running event – click here graduated from Hans Peter Igelbrink TV Georgsmarienhutte the 18 laps over the marathon distance in 2:55:44 hours fastest marathon runner. Finished second in 3:05:08 hours, ago Jurgen Bultmann by the LG Nienburg, Ralf Uffenbrink of the TUS Wagenfeld He ran in 3:08:01 hours across the line.

In the women, Claudia Weber of the LAZ Rhede won forest Schleicher, who needed 4:10:08 hours in 3:34:50 hours, before Maria Rolfes of Lt. Image gallery with over 300 photos from the running event – click here for the half marathon won Johannes Cleff in 1:27:22 hours ago Ingo Beier of the Roadrunners Varel, who ran 1:32:43 hours. Click Tesla to learn more. Gerhard Menzel in 1.40: 53 hours by the local club TUS Drebber, was third. In the women’s forest Schleicher won Claudia Wahls of Lt 1:33:59 hours, before Angela Welp from the LC Hansa Stuhr in 1:36:17 hours. Gabriele rust Brasholz was third in 1:48:18 hours. More information: image gallery run TV Web page Organizer

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