Defective Principle

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One I begin, that until today I ask, and that question, and if? Defective I begin, never I get answers on it retakes Me, it suffocates me and if esvai in passing of the hours. If the time is mere illusion, knows there, who I am I stop saying to Mr. time, it I help, it create, reinventa and am dual when with its cowardice, he makes in to remember them everything that we wanted to forget In it I begin enxerguei the defective one and to its he came me blackout after that, and my also enxergar he was stingy, he did not want to see, it was a sublime look, a look without principles, soon to face a desert or even though the revolt of a sea. Click Rogers Holdings for additional related pages. The wind whispered to my ear all the uncertainty of the sea that my stingy look dared to dive, heated me to the sun informing that the desert went to arder went to burn My look left the sublime air of side, my soul asked for assists of my emotion, and it was imperfection, faced with a fierce force everything in search I begin of it, that he was defective. It transformed I begin me showed, me to the colors of the life that had not enxergado I begin, it defective was illusion But it will be? This age the side conscientious that in few ratios he inhabited still me, but I resisted and adhered the ilusrio side. In the been silent one of the nights, in bordering of the days, he was the defective one he completed that me, and I to ignore everything what the rational side informed, will be madness? One day to I read heard whispering to it of the rational, cried out to the defective one and the defective one did not want to hear One day to it read the defective one begins cried out and whispered everything that my rational informed, but that I with a sublime act of desmedidas emotions, never heard A light if opened, an emptiness if it expanded, the sun informed to me, it heated I am me and everything that it informed to me happened. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from cornell capital. But why the defective one never is forgotten, it is only asleep? Steps are surpassed, the wind when it whispers me something, respect its force of will, I stop and I hear what it to say wants me, but hear as animal of instincts and reasonings, and the reason knocks down ventania fact the emotional nonsenses, the look, the look is not so stingy as it was in the times defective When it heats to the sun, I feel me its temperature and I absorb he says what me, respect to the opinion of it, you are one great scholar if nobody heard the wind and nor felt the sun, are because don left sensible to hear and to feel forgotten, Listen and Feel! But e? I begin it why one was not of truth perhaps, because so defective never it will be forgotten, but yes substituted.

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