Crescent Nail

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Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informs the hands of every person are unique and therefore deserve special attention. They belong to a manicured look of a woman just as of course do this like a nice outfit, makeup and a great hairstyle nowadays. But not every woman is anxious by nature with beautiful, firm fingernails. Cracked, shattered or cracked nails are a nightmare for most. There are ways that ensure a neat and perfect nail, in different variants. How to get beautiful nails with French Manicure, nail salon nail & beauty explained aunt from Tuttlingen. Seduction in French of French nails are timeless and are outfitted with their naturalness. Whether in the Office, at home or at a dinner party, fit for any occasion.

It is therefore the French Manicure of the classics under the nail embellishment techniques. To know more about this subject visit Jimmy Carr. Step by step to the classic beauty of the implementation of a French manicure requires thorough preparation Nails. First, they must be filed in a form appropriate to the nail bed. Unevenness or rough nail surfaces are then smoothed with a polishing file. A cleaning of the nails is followed by the filing and polishing. A clear base coat creating basis, which helps existing grooves and unevenness, also protects the nail before each painting. Only when angry and thoroughly is dry the Polish on the nail, manicure can begin. There are different variations for the typical French manicure look.

The nail tips in the form of a white Crescent are painted in the classic version. So that it looks perfect, templates help or the nail tips are painted with a nail whitening pen. The final followed by the white of the tips the final painting. According to the personal taste and taking into account the natural skin tone of the paint is applied. The color palette ranges from colorless cream up to rose tones.

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