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Stevia rebaudiana
In the wild, S. rebaudiana grown in sandy soil, low fertility and good drainage, slightly acidophilic. Requires long days and lots of sun. For agricultural purposes is preferred to use cuttings, soil texture and lightly irrigate frequently during the dry period. Harvesting is done just before flowering to maintain the highest possible concentration of sweetener in the leaves.
Stevia, a plant of tropical origin (Paraguay), has a different behavior in the natural Mediterranean climates, where long days shorten in autumn and winter, causing a stop in plant growth (in contrast, on islands Canary behavior is more similar to their tropical origin). For this reason, the plant is multi-year (ie it can sprout 4-5 years), starts over again each spring with force, and numerous new shoots sprout from beneath the roots.
From spring until almost mid-August Do or Southern Lights’ , can be reproduced by cuttings (case similar to that of the geraniums). Through this system, a Stevia plant regrowth in the spring that can be done from 200 to 500 plants, cuttings as long as vegeta. We have to take into account not just plant a resurgence in bloom, because they never enraizaria. On the other hand, the outbreaks in the spring and summer often have rarely flower. Flores, on the other hand, would never be able to seed germination, so the reproduction is to be done by cutting and not seed. In this way, if we take a good variety always retain the medicinal properties.
To ensure that an outbreak of Stevia root well without roots, follow these steps:
1 .- We need to fill the pot with peat furskins, which can be found in any ‘garden’ or nursery, and watering until the turf is well soaked.
2 .- Final Cut 10 cm of an outbreak of Stevia about 20 cm high (just make sure not in bloom). there is so much that you are offered can make the difference that you need for the quality of your life Of these 10 cm of stem, remove the 2-3 leaves the bottom, to facilitate their burial in the crowd, pressing hard with your fingers around the stem by making contact with moist peat. Do not let a long time since it was nutrition cut and planted until the outbreak. Best cut and planted immediately or keep in water as if they were cut flowers.
3A .- Put the pot in a shady place to avoid the sun and prevent rooting watering 3 times a day (morning, mid day and afternoon).
Note: When it says to put a newly planted plant in a shady place, then put into a greenhouse or outdoors in a place where not from direct sunlight at any time. If outdoors, make a place sheltered from the wind to avoid excessive dehydration. even your economic status can be improved by strengthening your cardiovascular A shady place does not mean the interior of a room or a dark warehouse.
4A .- health In the 28-30 th days of the outbreak Stevia begin to right, and when it appears that a new leaf begins to emerge, and can be placed in an fitness area with more sun, where they do not stop growing. When the outbreak began transplanted to draw new leaves, stop watering 3 times a day and water only once, cardiovascular early in the day.
During the summer, it is necessary to irrigate every day, but in spring and autumn, waiting for water to the land of no feeling of moisture body in contact with the hands.
During the winter, when the plant stopped, very littlewater to prevent rot the roots, and that they have to re-sprout new plants in the spring.
5 .- Within two months after the outbreak replicated or transplanted to the pot with roots, transplanting a second time at their location, which may be products outdoors in the soil of a garden, orchard or field crop within a greenhouse or a pot large enough to supplements facilitate maximum growth of the plant.
The move allows the production of greenhouse a few weeks in spring and slow the decline in the fall. In the strongest months of the summer, the greenhouse can be a little shade to avoid skin care excessive heat and simulate the tropical climate from which it originated the Stevia. Nevertheless, fitness the open is great.
6A .- When you reach the end of the fall and wellness noticed that the plant has no desire to grow and full of flowers, it’s time to cut, leaving a 10 cm height advantage to dry the remaining leaves.
7A .- To dry the leaves in summer the right way, they do not seek to direct sunlight in order to preserve the medicinal properties. The leaves last minute, when pruning the plant to spend the winter, it is inevitable to dry in the sun, albeit in small quantities, can be dry in the interior of the house where there will be a better temperature.
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