Albert Einstein

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It is the source of true all art and all science. -Albert Einstein – intuition, so criticized and disdained historically, is a sense of knowing that directly connects us with the wisdom of life, with its deeper creative essence. Intuition is related to that eternal part of our identity, our deepest conscience or soul and allows us to connect with our source of inner wisdom, sacred Center where resides our highest creative power, by mobilizing the infinity of resources and archetypal energies that are present in our interior. Intuition, also called intuitive intelligence is a sense of knowledge related to the ability of humans to perceive the aspect invisible and energy reality. Everything that exists is wrapped in a field of vital and creative energy that gives it meaning, as it asserts some physics and quantum mechanics and the human being possesses appropriate senses to accede to this more subtle reality, interpret the information here present and vehiculizarla properly, finding new creative and generative responses that encourage the development and the evolution of human knowledge. Intuition is directly related to the evolution of human consciousness. As humans will shifting your perceptive level from external sensory senses, policy makers perceive and allow us to relate physical reality, toward the more subtle senses, inner senses that allow us to relate to that highest and transcendent reality that surrounds us and that we are, we are finding new ways of being and living and are emerging new Adaptive responses that drive the evolution of human creativity. Intuition is the vehicle capable of integrating both realities, the exterior and the interior within a comprehensive and coherent perceptual framework where regain the sense of sacredness for life and from where to start to express Adaptive high level new answers and behavior.

Intuitive counseling facilitates the emergence of new Adaptive responses of high level. The advantage of hiring the services of an intuitive consultant are endless and highly profitable. Both if it is a personal or business level, the service that always provides an intuitive Advisor will be aimed towards the best solution possible and likely, generating additional changes that may lead to the individual or entity to new heights of development and evolution. Everything is possible with the intuitive advice. The new paradigm in relationship help and advice.

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