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Very interesting when it is indicated, that the incapacity to show alternatives of valid and shared solutions enters the actors those who affects this reality, derives in mainly from the ignorance generalized on the socio-economic and political dynamics that operates around the buhonerismo like phenomenon. In the search of solutions to the problems that this phenomenon raises, directions prevail in which each sector, form little organized and acting in favor of its interests, deals with to impose its vision. In parallel and also as a result of the previous thing, the insufficiencies of the local leadership to be satisfied in offerers of solutions and real plaintiffs of action of public policy, through the mechanisms of democratic participation, reinforce the tendency to the survival of such social problems. is the urgent necessity to clear the veil that hides the dynamics of the interaction government retailers informal-retailers formal-neighbors, that as exists today, it tends to reinforce the nonpredominance of the property rights and the exercise of the law. The relations clientelares, the bribe, the auction by the political support predominate. A proposal of public policies must start off of a conceptual approach of the own actors for the dynamics in which they are involved, that allows to give a solution alternative.

For it he is indispensable to harness the human capital of the informal retailers and to vindicate the paper and importance of the dialogue in the conflict resolution. The government of president Chvez must be identified but with this serious problem and look for the alternatives that allow to generate use, to contribute aid to him to the small companies, to the entrepreneurs who now transform their activities of business in companies that favors to him in the plans of government with respect to product commercialization, but with the new policy of foreign trade that this pronouncing itself with alliances with countries that represent great economic and commercial activities world-wide level. Tmese in it counts, that the informal economy is not more than the symptom of a chronic disease of the legal system, political, social and economic of the country, since Venezuela has before himself an enormous hill that to overcome, as the present condition of an informal country of economy in one is to have with formal use under a healthy and productive economy; because the informal economy is a global phenomenon that certainly have been breath and economic lightening for the Venezuelans who have been themselves forced to develop besides the legally constituted institutions and the financial market.

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