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It is the comparison made between the book auxiliary bore a bank account and extract the bancoenvia q to the company the movement of each month, in connection with debit and credit notes, checks paid and the daily balances of the account. Proceed to: Extract verify balances, such as ledgers Serevisa counted all the ones in the subsidiary ledger extract.This means that the movement made in the book is registered in the extract In short this is to justify the q differences occur between the balance shown on bank statement with the ledgers. The purpose of conciliation is to perform: To determine differences in the records of operations Correct errors or omissions differences To establish liability for such errors Show the actual balance available to managers and business associates There are several ways of presenting the reconciliation, the most common are: Extract to Books: Of the balance of the extract was determined differences up to balance books Books to Extract: Take the balance in the subsidiary ledger and determiona the difference to get the balance of the extract

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