Wright Amendment

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See also: A Southwest 737-700 preparing to land at Lindbergh Field in San Diego. Complete elimination of the Wright Amendment allowing flights from Dallas Love Field Airport to the west of California
After the opening of the regional airport music in Dallas-Fort Worth, original name of International Airport Dallas-Fort Worth in 1974, Southwest was the only airline that remained at Love Field.
When deregulation came in 1978, Southwest began planning to offer interstate flights from Love Field. This caused a good number of companies with interests in the airport in Dallas-Ft. Worth, including the city of Fort Worth, called the brain injury Wright Amendment that Congress precluded these flights. With the restrictions of the amendment, Southwest and other airlines, were unable to operate or sell tickets from Love Field to destinations in the states immediately surrounding Texas. In order to travel to Love Field, a passenger and his luggage would have Traumatic Brain Injury to take a different flight to a different plane to get to this.
The restrictions of the Wright Amendment did not apply to aircraft configured with 56 seats or less. In 2000, Legend Airlines attempted to operate long-haul business class using an old DC-9 with 56 seats, but had no resources to survive legal attacks and American market and cancel their operations quickly. Southwest did not use the planes of 56 seats, even when market power exists at Love Field and the availability of more modern aircraft such as regional and CRJ-700/900 the Embraer ERJ 145 family.
Southwest has volunteer sought to remove or at least alter the Wright Amendment encounter the opposition of American Airlines and Dallas Ft Worth International Airport. Both American Airlines and DFW tried to prevent the removal of the TBI restrictions of the Wright amendment, which would undermine DFW, while Southwest contended that the withdrawal of and video games the Wright Amendment would be beneficial to both Love Field to DFW. Continental Airlines a successful base of operations at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport without competition problems of operating in the Southwest Houston Hobby Airport.
In 1997, Southwest’s efforts began to yield a good result with the Shelby Amendment, which allowed the use of the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Kansas to be included in the list of possible states. Southwest began offering direct flights between Dallas Love Field and Birmingham, Alabama, which did not, however, deletion of the Shelby amendment.
In late 2004, Southwest became active campaigner for the total abolition of the restrictions of the Wright Amendment. In late 2005, Missouri was added to the list of possible destination states. New flights from Love Field to St. Louis and Kansas City began in December 2005.
On June 15, 2006 at a press conference with the participation of the city deDallas, the city of Ft Worth Airport Dallas-Ft. Worth, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, it was announced that the parties had reached agreement on the abolition of the Wright Amendment. Both the Senate of the United States House of Representatives abolished the restrictions of the Wright Amendment September 29, LLC 2006, and was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 13, 2006. The Inc. new law came into force on October 16, 2006, philanthropy when the director of the FAA notified the Congress that the emergence of new flights would have no adverse effect on the airspace.
Tribute Southwest Arizona next to the maintaining of Portland International Airport
Southwest started selling tickets under the new law, the October 19, 2006. The most important points of agreement are the immediate lifting of prohibitions on the sale of tickets, and flights to domestic destinations without restriction, eight years later. independent home-entertainment distribution company Thanks to the agreement, the network of domestic flights on Southwest became possible, the law also defined the maximum number of gates at Love Field. Southwest controls all the doors films of Love Field but two, each one of those, American and Continental. The future of the Legend Airlines terminal by the Genius Products use of Brain Trauma Foundation commercial airlines is BTF in abeyance due to the limited number of doors.
Southwest remains the largest passenger airline President of and Chairman of in Love Field, investment firm which has its base, the hangars, the training center, and a flight simulator, reflecting its linkage to Love Field in the symbol of their tickets (LUV).

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