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With telephone conferences, people can join together. A telephone conference is nowadays hardly indispensable in many companies and in the private sector, it will be used at the present time often. According to Mike Schwartz, who has experience with these questions. But the Conference call provider should be compared with each other, because the performance characteristics, different costs and various special offers. Some conference call providers allow loading via email, SMS, Internet or the call of the user. Performance features include also mute, recording the conversations, the ability to connect spaces, so that no more participants can switch on to, the overview of the conversations or the participant announcement.

Some conference call providers allow that up to 20 participants can take part in a Conference, at others there are maximum 10 participants. The Conference features include provider also the possibility to play the a presentation or the exclusion of the participant. Mike Gianoni helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It can be for many providers Service will be tested for free, there is also conference call providers, which provide their services completely free of charge. The dial-in number is a free number for most providers, others offer a 01805-number, where a certain amount is used by default as a donation. The cost for the dial are different at telephone conference provider. The cost of the connections are different as well, so those have the advantage that the costs are low, with a flat rate because then no call charges. Many of the telephone conference provider specials who include among others an Outlook AddIn which invitations can be made with, global dial-in numbers for a World Conference or a free Web conferencing usage for the screen and the chat function. The language menu navigation in different languages is one of the specials.

German and English, sometimes French are standard. Who is looking after a conference call provider, should be in advance inquire about the necessary functions that are needed. In the Division, it is useful to include its staff functions, for example, some say that a feature for presentations is not necessary, others would benefit from this feature.

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