Work Relations

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Publishing company Sextant, Rio De Janeiro. 2004. 2) CREDENTIALS OF the AUTHOR James C. Hunter are consultant-head of company J.D. Hunter Associates, LLC, a United States company of consultoria of work relations and training established in 1985. Lastreado in the years of its professional experience, Hunter, beyond consultant, also became instructor and palestrante, mainly in the area of functional leadership and organization of communitarian groups. 3) SUMMARY OF the WORKMANSHIP the Book ‘ ‘ The Monge and the Executivo’ ‘ it counts the history of an executive called John Daily, general Manager of a great industry, a well made man in life, Married Rachel, it formed in administration and it in psychology. Rachel, however, a fertile woman, where, they had come to adopt a son, then, called John Jr After two years same with something the miraculous one came to be pregnant of a girl, who passed to be called Sara.

With a pretty family, successful life, did not lack reason to be proud. But the time if passed the things had started to change its wife, started to charge more attention, therefore it perceived that its relationship was if retroceding, its children were not plus those anjinhos that seemed to be. However, its life passed for an overturn, everything seemed to give wrong, either in the family, work and leisure. However, it started to be a worried, nervous man, not obtaining to separate what it was happening, leaving to take it in its life its problems, disfarando in one masks that only they hid it its problems, but not its friend.

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