Work Problems

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The discomfort that causes them to wake up early every day, the displeasure felt by his boss, for his monotonous work, insufferable companion to the daily suffering, the burden of bills, mortgage, spontaneous and that failure has been inappropriate a tattered entire budget for the month, the last discussion with the partner, concern for the teenage son who does not understand absolute, the sense that life is so robotic and programmed many things completely beyond our control and will … go on?. I do not need all of these things and more we run out, frustrate us, but it takes too much for one person, and we delegate and as a scapegoat elect an anonymous character who we can not put your face or name, but we know it’s there: the one that has caused the jam. This is absurd. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael Schwartz. Traffic jams have no beginning or no end, just “you” in a jam, you participate in a forced and involuntary.

You never see the source of the jam, no end in sight, but the latter does not matter because we do not affect what is left behind. In a subtle, vital delegate our frustration at the poor devil who is punctured the wheel in the middle of the road. He does not know, but part of the disorder that may pose a puncture, will bear the blame for the frustrations of life of dozens of drivers. With the hatred of your boss of all them with the problems of adolescent children of them all, with their mortgages, brushes with the family or the actual policy, conflicts with the residents … all on the shoulders of one person who has enough with him. The congestion is bound to dissolve, each will reach its destination with a bad mood.

If anyone asks why, reply: “Guilt is the jam and the geek who has formed.” But still lurking inside all these frustrations, which coexist in harmony with each other. Expect quiet until a new event and serve as the wake outlet to air their miseries. Today was the traffic, tomorrow will be anything else. Someone must bear the blame, there is always someone you delegate the guilt and frustration. What is important, really important, is delegated to another, in both cases it for the rest of our business, we are better than others and not get confused as they are. Never delegates. And if you do not believe me, do the test once again a more to the sentence of school: Hands up … who take their own share of the blame for all the frustrations that exist in your life. I was afraid of … no one has raised their hands. Sometimes it’s so easy to delegate!

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