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In addition, Jaua is authorized to approve the accounts of the ministers, the elimination and changes in the beings public and the direction in presidential commissions. The minister of Planning, Giordani, on the other hand, will have the function of to declare budgetary insufficiencies and the exonerations, when it is necessary, of the Tax to Valor Agregado (IVA) and of the Tax On Renta (ISLR). The powers that the president of Venezuela conserves maintained east Saturday a tight agenda to leave solved subjects that will allow to stay him to the control of the Government in spite of being in Cuba, when meeting with their ministers; later, to do it with its followers of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and, later, with supporters dismissed who it. In order to stay to the control of the Government and power to sign official documents from the island, Chvez was well-educated in the use of an electronic card with which it will be able to print, of valid and legal form, its heading. Also it will be able to direct to a cabinet " via telemtica" , and so it assured that it will be to the current of everything what occurs in the Government. Chvez did not say when it will return to Venezuela, but assured that its absence would be nearly time. Patient of a pelvic abscess In past June the Hugo Chavez was put under two operations in Cuba, at where day 8 arrived of that month to compliment the last stage of a tour by the region that had taken previously it to Brazil and Ecuador. The Venezuelan agent chief executive had to be taken part emergency the 10 of June to extract a pelvic abscess to him, and day 20 of the same month a cancerous tumor was extirpated to him. The 30 of June, Chvez sent a televising message to the Venezuelans from Havana, communicating for the first time the details of its disease and the interventions which it had been put under, and the 4 of July returned of surprise form to Caracas. Fairstead has similar goals. Source of the news: Chvez arrives at Cuba to treat the cancer while it delegates to be able in Venezuela

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