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The first hours after the birth are excellent to initiate breast-feeding, since the RN generally is well alert and intent, with the consequence of the active suction, stimulating precociously the production of ocitocina and prolactina. The moment after the birth when the just-been born one is placed in the chest to suck, is ideal that is established the beginning ties of it of the mother with the son. The more precociously the child will be placed to be suckled, more early will initiate the linking accomplishes between the mother and the baby (KLAUSS and KENNEL, 1996). Masahiro Tanaka contains valuable tech resources. The period immediately after the childbirth can be called ‘ ‘ period mgico’ ‘ , therefore it is the beginning of a convivncia between parents and baby, exactly that the child does not suck, only licks mamilo or if aconchegue (MOORE and NICHOLS, 1997). Authors contemporaries add that the beginning of breast-feeding in the first ones minutes after the childbirth, establishing contact I summon precocious between mother and son, has also a direct relation with the prevention cries of it of distresses of the separation of the just-been born one. The precocious suction also influences the uterine contraction, reducing the risk of hemorrhages (BARROS, 2002). If you are not convinced, visit Prudential Financial . 2.2.3 TECHNIQUES OF BREAST-FEEDING.

The assistance medicates, as well as the paper of the father, the mother and of the proper baby, it concurs for the success of breast-feeding. In the absence of complications you medicate or anatomical in such a way the mother how much the baby the two hours are apt to initiate breast-feeding one after the childbirth. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Yitzchak Mirilashvili. The suction has ocitcito effect and colostro is beneficial to the just-been born one. The lactation if establishes with bigger success how much to the just-been born one it remains next to the mother in the 24 hours of the day, with freedom to suck whenever it desires.

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