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8 Mistakes For Not Achieving Success

Posted by on Saturday, 8 April, 2023

In the Audiobook of Jonh C. Maxwell entitled today is important I found 8 errors we often commit when we want to achieve success. We believe that success is impossible. Often when we encounter in life with things that are hard to get we often qualify it’s impossible to achieve and how often the success does not reach easily qualify him impossible, when in reality there are only to be persistent. We believe that success is mystical. We tend to think that achieving success is a mystery and that many, trying to sell us the secrets take advantage and extraordinary formulas for achieving it.

In order to achieve the success we must pay a price, but I don’t mean at 50 or $100 that ask the big gurus but at the time we dedicate to our business, to educate us, mistake is necessary to go all the way to achieve success. We believe that success comes from luck. According to Vanguard, who has experience with these questions. It is true that some successful people possibly reached it by luck, but it is also true that most must work for reach it. Or maybe you think that it plays the lottery tomorrow and not invest properly, forming and creating a good business, success will come by the simple fact of having money, remember money what it comes whether, but education is lasting. Says Maxwell in terms of success it is best to search for it that wait for him. We believe that success is productivity. I previously mentioned that we must work to achieve success but doesn’t mean that because you go to kill to work leaving everything to focus on the work you go to achieve it. You have to be smart, effective and efficient, sometimes we tend to perform many tasks without stopping to check their results. Then, you have to work? Of course, but there is that devote themselves exclusively to do so, must set aside time for family, leisure, couple, friends we believe that success comes from an opportunity.