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Innovative Leadership

Posted by on Thursday, 30 March, 2023

This type of leadership on a regular basis will not move groups of people; However their way of doing things, as well as his inventions and discoveries have changed and improved life. The main features of these leaders is that they are very disciplined and persevering. Within this leadership a really valuable factor is intuition. It is said that people who have developed intuition have advantage over those who do not. A characteristic of the personality of the innovative leaders is to accept all risk involves dealing with the uncertain. It is not something rothberg family would like to discuss. Some people do not feel comfortable with uncertainty, since they feel anguish and fear for the future. However it is thought that persons who are not at risk, do not lose but neither win, and will have in mind that would have happened if I would have risked, and therefore all their plans will only remain as an unrealized idea. Someone innovative prefers doing things differently that correctly, apply enthusiasm and passion to their activity, since he lives his activity, no matter you that in the eyes of others is a risky activity.

The innovator it is classified as a perfectionist, he puts passion to the development of its creation, it applies all his enthusiasm, to carry this plan where has displayed it. Taking into account the above, we can say that if we came to discover what attracts our attention, we could delve and passionate us to innovate something, either a product or a process, but it is vitally important that excited you and inspire you to improve, develop or create something new. In summary invent or innovate is doing something that has never been performed and that solve a problem (small or large), either to provide an activity to achieve this it is important to do a combination of creativity and acertividad. The acertividad is important because there are many people who have many creative ideas, but are not acertivas. So you also must be present this factor.