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You vary people when reflecting in originating or a company immediately afterwards already is not obsedados for the legal part of the activity in order to create the company legally, when in fact different aspects of the firm exist diverse which are consequently importantssimos for the triumph or failure of the business and in worse of the possibilities the loss of the applied money and time. Before discovering as to open a company she is necessary to discover if the business is good or not! He is not enough to become legal an enterprise is important let us make that it from one propitious enterprise environment, or from another way you suffer serious risks to originate an enterprise ' ' condenado' ' before exactly to open the doors. How much to the regularization of the coming company, saved situations where the legal aspects are determinative, are more efficient and easy to exactly contract a counting professional or in another way an accounting firm, that are specialist in the regularization business-oriented therefore at any cost, if you if knew to elaborate all required documents, could not produce alone without the signature of an accountant. At this moment of planning the future necessary enterprise excessively of its attention in distinct business-oriented aspects of the plan where you are obliged to concentrate its capacities duly warned failure. The plan of negcios a planning which is used as reference in the taking of decision in the opening of new businesses and will have to follow it while its business to exist is its north, having to be evaluated periodically and to be adapted observing the changes in external the enterprise and surrounding environment and its forces. The plan goes to guide it of the planning until the opening of its firm being mensurando the aspects of finances, operational aspects marketing in order to open its company. The more time you to spend in this bigger stage its possibility of success. The planning also is essential if the objective is to request financing is of investing partner or another way of some financial institution. That is, other people to apply resources in its future company exists the requirement to have a planning and it to be lucrative, for which reasons you is obliged to invest its proper money without a well elaborated plan? If you do not have experience or knowledge of as to lead a planning, in the web site ' ' New Negcio' ' it has a guide as to open a company which together goes a guide with the objective to produce its planning complete.

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