Struggles against Genoa

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Taking up the fight against Genoa, Charles I took the city on September 12 of 1331, appointed himself to the “Lord of Monaco” in 1342. While it acquired the Lordship of Menton in 1346, the same year, Carlos paralalelamente served to the French crown halberdiers commanded a company at the battle of Crecy, while sea socorria camp site after the French Calais. Then in 1355, obtained the manor of Roquebrune-Cap-Marin. But in 1357, died during the siege commanded by the Genoese Simon Boccanegra. The entire principality was then treated by Genoa, with the exception of Menton, defended by Rainier II, the son of Charles, who quickly regained Roquebrune.
The children of Rainier II: Ambrosio, Juan Antonio and picked Le Roche and became all cosenores (rare institution in the Middle Ages). John retains his part only Monaco and La Condamine. Remained in continuous struggle against the Genoese. His son, Catalan, just what happened for three years, and her granddaughter Claudina Grimaldi of Monaco in 1465 was betrothed to a Grimaldi d’Antibes, Lambert Grimaldi d’Antibes. obstuvo that in 1489 the recognition of independence by the king of France and the Duke of Savoy. Genoa attempt a final site in 1509, but in the face of a victorious resistance, finally resigned to Monaco.

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