Seventh Season: 2000-2001

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7.01 The thunder of Monica
This episode is a continuation of the last scene of school furniture last season where Chandler proposes marriage to Monica. Ross arrives at the apartment, he learns of new developments and all celebrate and toast the new couple. To continue with the festivities, Monica invites everyone to go to continue to provide in Hotel Plaza. Everyone agrees on what is go home to change.
7.02 Book of Rachel
Monica is obsessed with the wedding. Along with Rachel begin preparations, based on a book that had been preparing since fourth grade, where they had all kinds of data needed for the wedding party. Chandler arranges a dinner with their parents and ask them to give the money they were saving for their wedding, but his father tells him that money had bought a house seven years ago on the beach. Monica is much anguish as it has no money for the wedding of your dreams, but Chandler comforts her telling her that he had saved something.
7.03 The ‘biscuits Phoebe
Phoebe asks Chandler and Monica that they wanted as an engagement dining chairs present, and school equipment Monica asked for a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that Phoebe kept as a memento of her grandmother. When this accepts GIVING, remember that the recipe had been burned when his apartment caught fire as Monica kitchen lots of cookies for testing to try to guess the recipe. Finally realize that the recipe was not anything special, because I came in detail in a very popular package of cookies.
7.04 The assistant Rachel
Finally the new show is broadcast Joey “Mac and Cheese”. All gather in Monica’s apartment to see it and realize it is bad (though do not tell Joey). On the other hand, Joey gets a call from his agent (Estelle) to tell it had once again student chairs invited to join the cast of “Days of Our Lives” acting the twin brother of Dr. Drake Remoray. At present in the chairs recording studio, the director indicated that it should have an audition for the role, which still had not secured what angers him Joey because someone famous is now considered to be working on another show. Finally, “MAC and C.H.E.E.S.E.” Joey is folding chairs canceled and has to beg the producer of “Days of Our Lives” that he apologize for having insulted and getting hired, regardless of the role you’re given.
7.05 The commitment of photography
Monica’s mother tells her he wants to publish a photo in the newspaper announcing that he was getting married so he asks a picture of her and Chandler. there is a large selection of are education essential for a class room They take pictures but no amount of work because Chandler out horrible in the pictures. After trying all the advice from Joey to do well, and fail, Monica gives her mother a picture of her and Joey to publish. Rachel, but that can not leave with his assistant, wants to get closer to finding out about their likes and appointments. To keep women out to convince Joey to go with it, but later regrets because all it does is to teach Joey to win over women.
7.06 nap Partners
Chandler, Joey and Ross get together to watch “Die Hard” again. Chandler ends when he leaves. At the time, Joey and Ross discover that they had fallen asleep together on the sofa but too close together. Monica has to decide who to choose for wedding godmother So they got together with Rachel and Phoebe. The surprising since they said she was not going to decide between them but both would have to decide. For this arm contests in which Ross and Joey make judges. After Phoebe manages to win several competitions, but seeing how important it was for Rachel, decides to grant the honor.
7.07 The library book
Ross is very happy because in the section of paleontology at the Faculty Library had published a book of his. On the way to Chandler to show, discovers that they are so rarely visited that section of the library, folding chair frequented all students to “be alone” with your partner. This is not like Ross so he begins to stand guard to prevent it. Monica accidentally finds Janice, who was invited to the wedding car. This gets very upset because Janice Chandler has the particularity to misplace all the events they attended. day care chair To tell that he was not invited, Chandler and Monica go to dinner with her and her supposed boyfriend, but Janice does not attend the event. When all resources to prevent his going to the wedding had been exhausted, Monica telling Chandler lied yet he loved her and did not want to go to avoid problems.
7.08 Chandler hates dogs
As usual, all come together at Monica’s house for day care chairs Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel had asked his assistant to be with you but this was not because he had to leave with his girlfriend who was visiting the city.

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