Santamaria Earthquake Strikes Again

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I just lift. Today is a public holiday in Madrid, so Garet to work even for one day. I switch back to tie the gastronomic worlds. I entirely across an article sent by a friend of those life-the last earthquake in the kitchen of this media. Santi Santamaria load inks, again, against Adrian and his acolytes.

The last, collecting a prize for his latest book? Cuisine laid bare? back to say that if patatin or potato cooking or not cooking Adrian. Exactly, and so I was not tache of partisan, since I am not. Santamaria said, inter alia, that is? A public health issue? with concern to recipes circulating with chemicals. Recipes, all of them daughters of Adria. Well, this article there and in other media.

The question is, does Santamaria is the Don Quixote of Eating?, What load against the giant mills Adrian? Is Santamaria is a faithful supporter of the good cause of the kitchen? So bad is Adrian? The fact is that war has just started a long time, the problem is that I have not seen Adrian defend, not even the words of immutable Santamaria. The contempt is not doing better appreciation?

The kitchen represents Santamaria my love me, I am a defender of that kitchen, not the price of that kitchen, but if the theory. There are other chefs, such as Abraham Garcia, who are responsible for their kitchen, which cooks are created themselves, living and cooking do not have the need to leave the arena to criticize the ways and means to do or undo the kitchen of Adrian. Why Santamaria, cook devoted as they come, have this need?

The border that separates the reality of unreality, of the goodness of evil, of the heroes of Antiheroes this very blurred. And this is a chapter but only to try to draw a fine line and without paper or pencil.

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