Santa Cruz Soccer Club

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It has a logistic one that it assures the presence of the headquarters of the biggest companies installed in the region. Its population is dynamic and diligent, moreover, Recife appears, destacadamente, between some national polar regions as: Technology (Digital Port), Doctor, civil, tourist construction and businesses. Santa Cruz Why to invest in the Santa Cruz? The Santa Cruz is the club of twisted greater of the State of Pernambuco. Throughout its almost 100 years of credibility, solidity and success, 24 times, the championship won the Championship state northeast north/of 1967 clubs, were the club of the state with better performance in the Brazilian championship of the first division, 3 place in 1975, beyond other regional and international conquests. The twisted one of the Santa Cruz, in 2010, exactly playing the fourth division of the national one, had the average greater of public of Brazil (30.243), this sample the force of the club and that the participation of twisted independe of the result. One today esteem that the twisted one of the Santa Cruz is of approximately 5.000.000, between torcedores and sympathetical. They present themselves in massive number in the games of the club in the stadium of the Arruda and also in other states (Choral Invasions – PB and AL), they read periodicals, they follow the club for the radio, attend to local and national senders television and are connected to club for the Internet.

According to numbers informed and adjusted for the Periodical Mercantil* Gazette, the per capita potential of consumption for products and services on the part of the Brazilian torcedor meet today on average in the value of annual R$ 74,00 for torcedor. (This number excludes ingressions for stadium). That is, the Santa Cruz Soccer Club, would have today a potential of generation of value consumption to be explored of at least of R$ 370 annual Real million.

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