Reflections on the first press conference of Cristina Fernandez

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About a summary of the note from Edward Zukernik update published in the Magazine Picture of the week. Cristina and her first lecture: either on the forms, but the content ‘A week after the surprise invitation to press conference as President of the Nation in Argentina, the echoes of an unexpected official decision still resonate in the world of communicators . Although most agree that the challenge that Cristina Fernandez took work from home office five years of breaking with ‘style K’, no press conferences, will play center at the top of the Sunday papers with the Rural Society, others felt that was the first step to end the long monologues from the lectern of the Casa Rosada, as the only form of contact with society. From the official wing, the consultant’s Analia Franco, analogies Research, one of the counselors of President Fernandez de Kirchner, said that the surprising act of granting an open press conference with part time media questions critical to the government (La Nacion, Clarin , among others) was tested through surveys and would have served to enhance his image. ‘He received both agreement and the day of his inauguration, on 10 December and the inauguration session of Congress, March 1’, explained in a careers debate Sunday in the Time of Machiavelli’s program, led by Diego Dillenberger vacancies Metro channel. At that moment, the pollsters agree that employment positive image was around 50 percent and that after the conflict with the field would staffing have fallen below the 30 today. The best matches of professional public relations arise when comparing the impact of a head of state willing to answer questions from reporters, with that scenario repeated criticisms that opponents combined and announcements assistant such as the Bullet Train, which numbered negatively abrupt fall of the Government’s image. Review image seeking consultants to industry professionals and some, like Federico Rey opportunity Lennon, Lennon and Assoc Director job centre King did not hesitate positions to affirm graduate that “from what is a formal policy success of the administration CFK communication ‘. (…) The long exposure of the president to each question, even though the press conference took more than opportunities two hours, only resulted in 24 responses, including a terse ‘No’, in which journalists and politicians read more than definitions, confirmations. To wit: The former president and his wife form a monolithic unit, the retail retention of grains by admin the controversial Resolution 125 which generates a very serious political crisis, were non-negotiable and will be a decision, the controversial engineer Secretary of Commerce Moreno, denounced by manipulating the public statistics REMAIN as firm in its position as the bullet train project on the presidential agenda, the Vice President Cobos’ or talk, and despite having hiring lost more than 30 points in the positive image with which I start in December, Cristina Fernandez would return to repeat each of his actions as recruitment President. Rey Lennon in that sense indicates that the discourse of ‘the President seeks to deepen the discourse of the government line that is basically confrontational and polemics, in the temporary classical sense and, if on the contrary, the public was expecting a speech reversal and consensus, that is not what is observed ‘. opened its first office in Los Angeles, we have expanded to

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