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Lately share readings, let us call them, light, with my baby. Some magazines and newspapers arouse enough interest in it, and I probably did not find place to read them to my wide, because what better to share this moment with her reading light, which calls not get bored.

Not that a baby with a few months is learning to read, since they will be a handful before reaching age 3, when some experts say it is good for children to learn to read. Neither is an exceptional case of over-intellectual as the girl who saw recently and already read at 17 months of age.

In fact, my baby not mind too that I read on an ongoing basis, or ensures the integrity of the newspapers. Because babies are interested in the images they see pass before their eyes, movement and sound passing leaves, and even a sense of the role he has just crumpled between their hands.

They discovered that they, too, can make noise with the role, and might even try to imitate the movement of turn the page at the time they begin to coordinate the motion of the arms and hands.

Although it is not surprising that after certain part of the magazine or newspaper, or try to turn the page, a stretch end, so I will not venture to put a baby in front? We can only read with risk babies in the case of works for not feel too appreciation or require concentration.

But it can also take this little time reading between parents and children, while we echo of the information that we are interested, they will stimulate their senses and motor in our lap. sight, hearing, touch? But no taste! We must take care, because we are not edible books before, and we know how they carried it around in their mouths?

Well, incidentally, the experience will serve us because it’s never too early to encourage small to read. The contact with books from tiny well is crucial.

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