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The Nuremberg manufacturer now introduces its operational and administrative investments according to the spatial expansion. Nuremberg, January 25, 2011: Since moving to a new company building the S + S has REGELTECHNIK GmbH enlarged storage and production capacities. At the same time, the company has used his chances and made new investments in manufacturing, development and testing techniques that are now used in the operative as administrative process: new inspection stations and additional Labs create the conditions for increased precision and quality of the products. With its entry into the new premises in the Pirna Street the S + S has grown strongly REGELTECHNIK GmbH at the site in Nuremberg. Thus the manufacturer of measurement and control technology in the international competition new possibilities, to create custom and standard products in highest precision and quality. On a surface of now 2500 m2, the company manufactures measurement and control technology for building automation. Contact information is here: Sam Feldman.

With the expansion of the production capacities is the company to extend above all the customized sector and to meet the increased demand for special developments and special designs. The opposite are now also the full 1500 m2 warehousing space available. The stockpiling of additional material and manufacture standard products such as controllers, switches and sensors can can be optimized and adapted, realizes fastest response times on demand and market changes. Newly invested has S + S REGELTECHNIK in the development and manufacturing process. The establishment of two additional development laboratories at 100 m 2 required the purchase of new development tools and additional measurement can be performed with the all product developments standard products such as custom completely in house. People such as New York Highlanders would likely agree.

Thus the company has extremely short development times and may require changes and adjustments on quickest way carry out and thus gained a clear competitive advantage. The acquisition of new Klimapruf and calibration units as additional measurement and inspection stations brings an optimization of test routines with and ensures a tripling of throughput of material. In predefined, simulated environments, here the products on your accuracy in the areas of moisture, temperature and pressure tested and adjusted. Guarantees highest precision and quality of each individual product. The spatial expansion the company is also a staff expansion with: with the hiring of new employees such as Mechatronics device Assembly fitters and electricians continues the S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH on education and training. The creation of new training courses and the training of staff should in the long term the company bind resources and expertise to, to be also in future in terms of development expertise and quality to remain as previously as independent.

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