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In particular, our search of ways capable to foment the education for all must include consideraes on the form as the schools must be organized to support such efforts. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bob Jones. I will approach this question, it wants under the cultural point of view, wants structural. Between these practical, it has the ones that happen of diffuse and dispersed form, are the ones that they occur in the processes of acquisition to know and ways of action of not intentional and not institutionalized fashion, configuring the informal education. It has, also, practical the educative ones carried through in not conventional institutions of education, but with certain level of scienter and systematization, such as the ones that if verify in the professional organizations, in the medias, the formative agencies for specific social groups, characterizing the not formal education (LIBNEO, 2007). The work was analyzed the profile of the commercialization of the honey in the city of Manaus and of this form it intends to contribute so that the market of this important natural product for the population is developed.

For this it analyzes had been taken in consideration different factors as, for example, the origin of the honey, the type of packing, the storage form, the type of label, the presence of sanitary fiscalization. We communicate some schools to publish of average education for informs optimum honey and its forms of being consumed, we pass these concrete data in lecture in the schools. 2 the METHOD the study area was in the city of Manaus. To facilitate the collection of data the urban division of Manaus in zones, and the zone had been used East as first area for collection of data. Three quarters of the zone had been chosen East (Crowned, They are Laboring Jose and I buzzed of the Palmares). In each quarter the following commercial establishments will be analyzed: fairs; pharmacies; small markets supermarket. .

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