Oxide A A

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Oxide A A rusty iron gate oxide or dioxide is a chemical compound that contains one or more oxygen atoms, introducing oxygen oxidation state -2, and other elements. There oxides found in gaseous, liquid or solid at room temperature. There is a variety. Almost all the elements form stable combinations with oxygen and many in various states of oxidation. Because of this variety are very diverse properties and characteristics of the bond varies from the typical ionic solid to covalent bonds. Are oxides such as nitric oxide, NO, or nitrogen dioxide, NO2. The oxides are common and varied in the earth’s crust. They are also called anhydrides because they are compounds that have lost a water molecule within its molecules. For example carbon dioxide: CO2 H2CO3.The oxides can be synthesized normally directly by oxidation, for example, with magnesium: 2Mg O2 2 MgO. Or phosphorus: P4 5O2 2 P2O5

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