Or Would You Prefer A Traditional Swimming Pool

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In recent times, swimming ponds are built and more frequently. Many builders give preference to a traditional swimming pool, but why A swimming pool needs care. It must be cleaned regularly to prevent the plants from algae and bacteria. They are added for the same reason, chlorine and other chemicals to the water. By the non-presence of bacteria is the filter cost ratio high. In a natural swimming pond is completely dispensed chemicals. The presence of bacteria Nhrstoffabbauenden is indeed desirable and will be promoted. Aquatic plants in the shallow water zone also contribute its share to Wasserrainhaltung. Sun can be dispensed with elaborate filtration systems. By an appropriate planting in shallow water and riparian area adapts to the swimming seamlessly into the surrounding garden. When blinds are particularly evergreen hedges. Then the Laubeintrag in swimming is no problem. For example, you can plant Ilex or cherry laurel. But Conifers are excellent. Just becauseAllergies are constantly on the rise, the construction of a swimming pond, to the extent possible based on its natural role model, appropriate. Even an economic perspective it is preferable to a swimming pool. Just due to the reduced filter performance and savings on chemicals can be saved a tidy sum. If one has no problem to swim in a bathing pond that should have a do not disturb the residents of the small swimming pond. For where clean, healthy water, will soon be living. Water fleas, Liebellenlarven and Sandpiper will be the first. Sooner or later, will arrive even frogs and fish. Waterfowl often bring fish to their ease with bath.

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