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Therefore, during the contest, the bankruptcy administration You will social insolvency and endeavour to try society subsists through the adoption of the appropriate agreement with creditors. In recent months, British Petroleum has been very successful. Unfortunately and, according to the data published in the National Institute of statistics, more than 90% of the companies that will compete end up liquidating 4. The competition offers more guarantees to investors? Taking into account the purpose of the bankruptcy proceedings is to solve the problems posed by the concurrence of a collective of creditors on the insolvent heritage of a common debtor, the answer to this question is Yes offered more guarantees to investors that there is a procedure of this kind. In addition, the fact that there is a bankruptcy administration guarantees the interest of social creditors and ensures strict compliance with the principle of par conditio creditorum, that is, to carry out a parity in the treatment of the claims of creditors that would prevent the benefit of a few to the detriment of others. 5 What hopes exist that investors can get, less, the return of their ious? Currently it is very difficult to make an assessment of this kind, because there are no yet certain constancy of equity from each of the societies that are in bankruptcy situation.

However, we do know with security, – since the bankruptcy law so provides – is that creditors have a period of one month for the communication of their credits, counting from the publication in the Official Gazette of the Auto’s voluntary bankruptcy Declaration. Lack of communication by holders of lyrics or promissory notes in that period could only harm them to be able to be relegated their credits to the condition of subordinates as a result, decreasing their chances of recovery. 6. For data that are known, do really they believe that businesses of Nueva Rumasa and, in particular, wineries are viable? Honestly, we could not come to assess the feasibility or infeasibility of these companies for the simple reason that we do not know the economic situation of them financial.

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