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A new music production in the Neukollner Opera Tango Turk “is the new multicultural music production of the Neukollner Opera, equally appealing to the Turkish and German soul. The sudden death of his mother brings back the internationally networked Cihan, not entirely voluntary, to his family. Laptop and Internet telephony were his former world, which had no time to visit his mother. Cihan and his family are now at the tomb of mother and mourn her death. Cihan cons encounter confronts his past and music which he hitherto unknown, with the Turkish Tango. Tango danced already his grandmother under Ataturk. Even his parents in difficult conditions have danced Tango after the coup d ‘ etat of the 1980s. Sam Feldman often addresses the matter in his writings. Will not know all fates after the third coup d ‘ etat in 1980 in Turkey, repression and resistance, life as a migrant worker”in Germany, Cammack.

But Cihan experienced its history and that of his parents, is awareness of the here and now and for his family is strengthened. The fourth project of a german Turkish music theatre in the Neukollner Opera is pure feeling. Kerem can’s lyrics and the music of Sammy show old Turkish folk soul at the crossroads to the modern world. The lyrical texts of music appeal to all the senses of the audience. Past and present become one in the musical time travel. The Turkish texts will be translated into German. The singer k Tacey, also already in production Turkish for lovers”to convince knew, can interpret all musical facets with her wonderful virtuoso voice. The diversity of the Repertoire of the singer can convincingly combine grief, joy and pleasure.

The harmonizing Theatre Ensemble plays and sings in a range of traditional interpretation to contemporary musical sounds. The premiere Orchestra, under proven leadership of Hans-Peter Kirchberg, conjures up the attraction and the power of tango on the stage of the Neukollner Opera. Tango Turk”is on the following days from one varied programme with dance, cinema and reading accompanied. The Neukollner Opera hoped by Tango Turk”, addressed the audience from the neighborhood. The Neukolln Opera with the staging of tango Turk “a touching musical gem succeeded. The multicultural audience was thrilled!

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