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Cars, computers and home sales in Florida reached the highest figures of the past 13 years due to the substantial increase in consumption. The reports published on Wednesday showed that there is an increase in the confidence of the local economy.The new home sales grew 10 percent during June and the sale of appliances and computers also grew 5 percent in the same month, this being the third straight monthly rise. The chief economist at IHS Global Insight, Nigel Gault, commented that he had bottomed out but “now we recover slowly. Other news reports are favorable for the construction sector. Brad Hunter, director of a company that conducts market research in the homes and the homes of sw florida said new home sales grew. Not many months ago the construction was slowed. With the current boom, the effect on the economy would be very beneficial to sw Florida. At the national level has not yet been confirmed that home sales will continue.While the increase in construction and in sales last month were due to changing sales stage and a subsequent moderate momentum due to government programs such as tax credit for purchasing homes. Economists believe the housing crisis in auction houses began in 2007 has been completed. It is possible that the national economy will grow in the quarter that goes 0ctober-December. It is important for those months that government incentive programs have ended. During July there were 433 thousand new home sales, with a substantial increase from the previous month, another sign that the housing market is starting to recover. Sales of existing homes rose by 7.2 percent in all states during the month of July. The increase registered during the first four months in the past five years showed a report of the National Association of Realtors. Lawrence Yun, an NAR economist, said “the housing market has taken a turn toward something better.” The existing homes including cooperatives, condominiums and single-family properties, rose 7.2 percent to 5.25 million properties were sold during July. The number exceeds 4.89 million operations concretized homes for sale in June this year. The registered numbers showed an increase of 5 percent to 4.99 million units sold in July 2008. A situation similar to the present was given before the start of the housing crisis and the houses at auction in June 2004 when home sales increased for four consecutive months. Yun believes that the increase in sales because many people buy their first property using the tax credit granted by the federal state together with the large inventory of homes for sale cheap. The economist said there is great demand for houses, IN THE SW FL.

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