How Do I Build On My Own Property Part 1

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There are many dubious deals of the type to be rich quick, millionaire in 2 weeks, 500% in three days with the right stocks, etc. Such temptations are of course nonsense. The only one that is rich in such a way, is the provider, but only if he is stupid enough to take him into the trap of her and him, more or less throw hard-earned money into your throat. Here, it should not go but to the astonishing variety of fraudulent “investments”. Rather, we want to show how every person who has an income and a part of it regularly invests his money and build more robust and secure their own property. Generally known is certainly that money under the pillow or buried in the garden by the mysterious loss of purchasing power, also known as inflation, lose value. The storage in a savings account is not an option tingling. If man has lucky, like the passbook savings just from the dwindling purchasing power. What do I do now, what are the golden rules for safe investment and wealth creation Foremostis the assurance of “life risks” such as illness, personal liability, and further, according to age and personal circumstances such as single, family, extreme sports, etc. A non-insurance or underinsured in the event of the case can be very costly, in extreme cases it can be ruinous and your Vermgensaufbau nullify. Quickly and easily find the best insurance for all risks in life. If you have satisfactorily optimizes your insurance status, follow the next steps to successful wealth creation. Recognized and highly successful master of money, such as Andre Kostolany or Bodo Schafer suggest this approach: First, should a private “war chest” to be created. By this we mean a personal cash reserve for the vicissitudes of life all the way to the old folk wisdom “often comes unexpectedly. Continuation of the article for

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