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History By the early 1950s proposed building a hospital on the island of Mallorca. The charge of carrying out such project was the architect Jos Martin Marcide, and was chosen as the site on the former estate of Son Dureta. The medical center began construction in 1953 and on 16 November 1955 was inaugurated under the name of Residencia Sanitaria Virgen de Lluc. At that time the hospital had 300 beds and 150 employees, of whom 60 were nurses (13 of them were nuns of the Order of St. Vincent de Paul who lived in Son Dureta) So there were only two resident doctors, the rest just came to the center when they had to operate and charge for medical procedures. In 1960 he created the School of Nursing Our Lady of Lluc, but would not be until 1976 when the hospital gets the teaching license for internal training of graduate degrees.Since then we have trained over 2,000 hospital nurses and 803 resident physicians (MIR) in 1977 conducted an extension of downtown with the construction of the pavilion B (maternity) and flag K (outpatient) Management of hospital changed completely in 1986. Until then, the center was run by a director, an administrator and a chief nurse. That year was appointed a managing director of which depended on the medical departments, nursing, management and general services. It was an organizational change that was taking place in many hospitals in Spain at that time. The hospital still carrying the Virgin name Lluc. It was in 1987 when, finally, the hospital was renamed Son Dureta. For over 40 years are Dureta was the only hospital not only on the island of Mallorca, but throughout the community Balear. Since it was not until 2001 when it opened the Hospital Son Ll Tzer.Subsequently other hospitals were built in the archipelago, as the Inca Regional Hospital or General Hospital Mateu Orfila, both opened in 2007.

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