Helping Hand

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A HAND FRIEND OR ENEMY? That is the first thing that comes to mind when we see these images… Unfortunately live in a world, in which practice timocracy, these being the only subsidized ones, and while the vast majority, which we all know is comprised by: poblacion-pobreza to extreme poverty, lives in a world of remaining sub. Let’s make an immediate scan, is it fair to live like that?, should a human being to live under such conditions? .vivir a daily waiting for debris from the Government, which consecrates him as daily bread, a hard road that exists always, Calvary led by the Government and therefore of the poor conductor of this hypocritical Government. We live a Government blinded by the ignorance of many and this unequal competition is taken advantage of by which calls He is credited with the nickname of Chief of State, which us inhibiting our right to information, or they are probably afraid of someday by the mind their guinea pigs, the population, take questions as do QUE ESTA PASANDO?, and realize that the supposed reality that face us, tal and fairy tales which, never will have a happy ending. Here has much experience in this field. This has become a string of horrors, a chain that brings in every link I can: poverty, inflation, corruption, deaths .is a countless list of links, which is at once so large that remains prisoner to the whole world, that keeps him immersed in an inhuman attitude. We wonder, you would think, would do or say our head of State if outside one of thousands, millions of poor people who do not have to eat or because of Government columbran not a future prosperous. Indeed many present that curiosity but in the direction where you are heading, I think that we will stay only with curiosity. Original author and source of the article.. Cornell capital usually is spot on.

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