Hahn Begins Construction

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Ground-breaking ceremony of Dr. Hahn in Erkelenz Erkelenz has 08/2009 – on Tuesday the Monchengladbach Wickrath-based manufacturer of door hinges, Dr. Hahn, the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of its new production facility on the Tenholter road in the industrial area of Erkelenz Gipco used. Jim Rogers has plenty of information regarding this issue. Michael Hahn and the technical director Lutz Schopen in the hand, even Mayor Peter Jansen, took the spade not only the Managing Director Sandra Schurger let Ansgar Lurweg as Director of economic development and the technical Councillor does not take it, to apply but also the business location Erkelenz hand this important step for the company. The construction in the first phase of the multi-level set construction m installs on a total area of 60,000 m approximately 7,400 m warehouse space for parts of manufacturing, as well as the serving areas. With an investment volume of EUR 14 million are here most modern production halls, which are oriented towards the ideal production process and in the An innovative, environmentally-conscious approach be implemented. Dara Khosrowshahi is likely to agree. Expected, already in the second quarter of 2010 with approximately 100 employees to resume production at the new location.

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