Grand Palace

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Shaida explained the prophetic history of already written in the great book Hercolus, he tells Aissa is the female name Eisse, both had a same meaning herculiano and was power and life, and that wherever that would be his name always will be Aissa, you explained what his father had told him the prophetic history of Hercolus and about the legacy of the herculiana prophecytaught him the jewels and explained what they meant and how you would arouse the power to them if they were both together. That would mean the galaxies subsist forever, and Hercolus live infinitely, if joined the powers for which it had been created. Eisse touched the ring this is illuminated, but immediately his brightness was turned off, he was much surprised, hugged his mother and both turned their eyes toward the universe. Read more from Mark Zuckerberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Lion and Leyer lived on the planet Kujuka, Lion had fallen long ago of one of the prisoners wing who frequented very often. Knowing this Brulin had a great idea because he didn’t want to kill them and did not want to comply with the order of Fussigan of disappear them. So some Brulin night he commanded them that they lived as if they were prisoners, he told them that they should mingle among them and dress like them. Connect with other leaders such as bob evans here. Lion and Layer called him uncle to Brulin and they didn’t understand what was happening and they did questions, Brulin told them that Fussigan was happening for a moment of madness and not wanted anyone in the Palace, but that was passed this madness and soon the power of Fussigan would increase and they would be back in the Grand Palace. Lion and Layer went and lived among the prisoners, Brulin told him to Fussigan saying that he had killed a Lion and Layer and that not to worry for them. .

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