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Aggression and you affronts despite the foregoing, the Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, consider, he said on the ABC Forum, none of this prevents keep a good bilateral relationship. Of course, that good traditional bilateral relationship, nor prevented that in July 2002, Morocco occupied for a few days the islet of parsley, which caused a serious diplomatic crisis. This very good relationship that we have with the friendly nation of Morocco, was not obstacle that in November 2007, a new source of tension between the two countries, expressing the King Mohamed VI its condemnation and denunciation by don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofia visit to the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, warning in a challenging tone occursthat the Spanish authorities must assume their responsibility for the consequences of the real tour, situation that led to the withdrawal of Moroccan Ambassador in Madrid for two months. Was surely our good relationship with Morocco which motivated our President was received at Oujda airport, in July 2008, with a tiny flag of Spain, size towel, surrounded by dozens of Moroccan flags, which undoubtedly constituted a concrete and a lack of respect to our country. Attitude of Spain before all these gloves launched by the Alaouite Kingdom, the Executive Spanish, and may have responded with the same forcefulness with the friendly country did, acted with a very weighted tolerance, resigning to file diplomatic protest. However, the next day of the last request made by Morocco, the newspaper La Vanguardia reflected in its pages news disseminated by the EfE News Agency, saying: the first Vice-President of the Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, has ensured that the sovereignty and spanishness of Ceuta and Melilla are not in any way question and pointed out that this position is known by Morocco, country with which there is a very good relationship. Anyway, the sense common said that recurring position of the Kingdom of Morocco, is a lack of respect to the relationship of good neighbourliness of two countries that claim to be friends. .

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