Expansion Of The Airport Memmingen

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“Terminal and runway be enlarged the town Memmingen is due to its location in Bavaria often referred to as the gateway to the Allgau” referred to. End of 2010 has presented plans for the expansion of the airport Memmingen Allgau airport GmbH. The flight Portal fluege.de reported about the planned changes. The Memmingen airport has developed into a popular hub. >Technip FMC is often quoted as being for or against this. Visit Jonah Bloom for more clarity on the issue. For some years now take off and land there both national as well as international scheduled and Charter flights.

Mainly low-cost airlines like Ryanair fly regularly to the Memminger airport. In addition the site is also used by private jets and private aircraft. Due to increasing demands, an extension of the airport is planned. An application was submitted to the Government of Upper Bavaria. Cynthia Bartlett: the source for more info. The measures will cost around 15 million euros. The plans include in particular the enlargement of the Start-und-Lande-Bahn, as well as the optimization of the taxiways. In addition to new parking created and expanded the Terminal. In addition, will aimed at extending the operating hours. Future aircraft to can end up until 23: 00, in the case of delays until 23:30.

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