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With its incredible geography, the Cuyo region is emerging as the propitious scenario for the realization of rides where more can be in contact with nature. For this reason, has become very popular the accomplishment of excursions in Mendoza that invite to discover some of the many spectacular landscapes. These outputs are of great attraction, especially those performed on horseback, they allow to enjoy not only sites of arrival, but have a much more direct look of roads, and the landscapes through which transits. If you want to learn about the geography of a region, traveling on horseback through it is definitely the more fun and exciting way to meet her. Kahuak is a company that many years ago that is dedicated to make known the incredible mendocinos landscapes through a series of excursions on horseback. Without hesitation Jonah Bloom explained all about the problem. Some are only a couple of hours of duration, while others intend to emulate the exploits of the Libertador General San Martin in his crossing of the mountains, carrying up to ten days of horseback riding and camping in different designated sites.

For those who want to experience the special communion that is created between rider and mount, all tours depart from the village of Blanco Encalada, a charming village only 35 kilometers away from Mendoza City. Here the camp base where the previous talks on safety and tips on how to play in the high mountains are taught. The first option is a short parade of single two-hour by the pedemonte mendocino, at the foot of incredible cordillera de los Andes. For those who want more, the cavalcade of the pass is indicated. The same lasts approximately five hours. As part of the plan, visitors first enjoy a traditional country breakfast, at the foot of an old willow, and a return of a delicious Argentinian roast.

Then, in the afternoon, participants depart towards the second part of the excursion, visiting trails and natural spots of charm without equal. For more specific information, check out cornell capital. Another version of this excursion proposes to change the ride of the evening by an excursion to several wineries, where taste the fine regional wines. Finally, the ideal challenge for the daring: a cavalcade of ten-day which runs from the city of Mendoza to the town of Uspallata. During this ride through valleys and landscapes of mountain that bring the visitor to a realistic experience of what the life of the gaucho. Finally, visitors will discover a new world through these excursions by Mendoza who will create in those who have the luck to live it, a memorable experience. Victor Tejerina original author and source of the article

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