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Flowers have been one of the biggest nature and flora, have been recognized by their countless features, and its great variety of designs and floral types, long since plants have been used for various functions. Some of the best-known are that they have properties for diseases, also offer several striking styles and are found in a variety of species. Actually several alternatives are to handle the flowers, another important aspect that has in mind to sell a flower, is the presentation that can find in the market no matter what kind of flower that will be purchased. They can be purchased per unit, dozen or in the form of bouquets, all these types are distributed mostly as flower delivery and this concept is it planned as the mechanism for direct marketing. All this is an important process to rejoice and purchase flowers in large quantity, the qualities of flowers depend mainly on biological characteristics, analyze your design, its structure and quality, and it determines the time of use that may have, in some cases the preference of the flowers varies according to the style, and they are striking or beautiful, which will be sold more easily. This is the case of roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, sunflowers, among others. It can be concluded that the people are who give the evaluation and facilitate the sale of the flowers at home, this entire process must be controlled when plans to handle any type of flower that you want to display some corsage.

Discusses which shop or the person who is going to buy flowers, to determine what their requirements on the type of flower and the scheme of presentation is as much as saying that selling flowers door to door, were temporary due to the lapse of time in which to consummation of the sale. To send flowers at home, some features like analyze time and in some cases conservation must be considered, were flowers that are delicate or sensitive to the touch, packaging or packaging should be organized. This It refers in that containers can be used and in what places can be. Glass containers are usually advised and that the flowers are open air, also should be checked its structure to look at the technical conditions and is being evaluated have good appearance, which are also well stored or emplaced in places or correct additions and in general that are in good condition. Normally these preventive measures are taken into account in cases where the flowers are sent home, since that is can take more time lapse, between the time used to package them and organize them as well as take into account the time that last shipment, but it should be clarified that the Distributor must provide for all these procedures. Really you could say that the flowers have great social and commercial reception.

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