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Passed fifteen months of the validity of the new Law of the Period of training, in vigor since 26 of setembro/08 and of the economic crisis that came out at the same time, the segment of periods of training continues reached strong, the spite of the pujante recovery of the macroeconomics. The segment entered, in 2008, 1,1 million of Students contracted under the Contract regimen of Period of training. The pointers point, today, with respect to 900 a thousand Contracts in course (YOU OPEN). A significant reduction: 200 a thousand Students continue excluded of the most efficient canal of insertion of young in the work market. For a universe of 13.4 million Students potentially you contracted (Inep/MEC), the statistics of contracted, 6.8%, is especially deficit. Already the age before.

She was aggravated now. One becomes necessary to review immediately some estimated labor that, to the date of the transaction of the Law, lastrearam its text and that, later, had demonstrated – and they continue demonstrating – its inaplicabilidades in the practical one of the acts of contract. Prescribed the Law of the Period of training making possible horria load of up to 7 hours/day, 35 weekly hours. The measure does not compromise the frequency of the Pupil to the lessons and, beyond stimulating the acts of contract significantly, it will raise, also, the remuneration of the Student, another basic point and negative affected by the current limitation of the day.

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