Computerized CAT Scans

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In the last decade, the Computerized Cat scan became dasmodalidades of formation of image more frequently used naavaliao daily pay-operatria of the jaw and the jaw for implantesdentrios. Sam Feldman often addresses the matter in his writings. The present work has as objective to carry through the Revision dLiteratura approaching the aspects of the risk and benefit of the TomografiComputadorizada in the evaluation dental dosimplantes daily pay-operatria and of planning, favoring the understanding and interpretation dasimagens produced for the examination as well as evaluating the indications, vantagense disadvantages of the tomographic examination. For the present study, it opted-sepela accomplishment of the descriptive research, through the sistemticada revision literature and of data base between 1917 the 2005, on the examesimaginolgicos associates with the emImplantodontia evaluation of procedures where we can conclude that: ) Had its precision, Computerized Tomografia is a radiogrfico examination of great utilidadeem planejamentos surgical for rank of dental implantations; b) Computerized ATomografia supplies images that can three-dimensionally be combinadasbidimensional or (3D), adequately guiding surgical oplanejamento and in the biomedical prototipagem; c) The TomografiasComputadorizadas offers to compatible images with the real size doobjeto (ratio 1:1); d) Although to be considered a examedispendioso, we must always analyze the cost-benefit, therefore it setorna cheap when compared with the surgical problems; e) The dose deradiao managed in this type of examination is considered raised quandocomparada to the conventional techniques, then they will have used to be critriosadequados to request this procedure, remembering the relaocusto-benefit, therefore the risk can acceptable when be compared aonmero of gotten information; f) The tomgrafos and softwares of ltimagerao possess characteristics that assist the planejamentoimplantolgico, the reduction of accidents and the aospacientes dose of radiation; g) The prototipagem biomedical it represents a tecnolgicoimportante advance in the Implantodontia, being that the Implantodontistas to devemrecorrer to the archetypes as form to diminish the risks during osprocedimentos cirrgicos.INTRODUO the Computerized Cat scan is an advanced examination of images that can be used in Implantodontia stops in supplying more necessary images to them of the appropriate places the rank of the dental implantation, therefore in provides a three-dimensional vision to them of the alveolar rims. .

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