Clover Square Mall

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Clover Square Mall rear facade of the Mall Plaza del Trebol. It is the third mall chain Plaza Mall, and the first of the premises of the network built out of Santiago, which is located in the municipality of Talcahuano, Concepci n. It was opened on 28 April 1995. Around this shopping center have been installed include supermarkets, hotels, clinics and housing projects. It consisted at the time of opening 120 stores under two department stores (Paris and Falabella), a recreation center and children’s entertainment, a food court and seven cinemas (company Cinemark). In 1997 occurs the first expansion of the Mall, which has a Service Boulevard with 22 specialty stores, 2 gyms, an area bank and a supermarket (Santa Isabel, which becomes the first branch of this chain before the purchase of local chain Multimarket). With this, we construct a pedestrian walkway along the Boulevard and Highway Concepcion-Talcahuano and two stops beside her.Furthermore, it opens a store for home and building (Home Depot Homecenter currently Sodimac). In March 2003 a third shop was opened by departments (Ripley) and later that year was ample and the food court opens “Living Library”, an event room (Area Zero) and clinic (Integram dica). In October 2005, Bowling opens first in the region and the retail motor (AutoPlaza). In 2007 it opened a new wing with more shops and outdoor food courts, a plaza with sculptures and roofed 3-storey parking lots, plus a fourth department store (Johnson’s). Later this year a step sobrenivel built to relieve congestion on Highway Avenue Jorge Alessandri, plus a new sector called “Aires” is characterized by its natural environment, its parking “VIP” and the presence of stores such as “Evita” “Zara” and “Sony Style”, among others.In May 2008, part of the pedestrian bridge on Highway Concepcion-Talcahuano collapsed because of a truck that did not meet the maximum height allowed, this also led a passing minibus getting crushed while walking by. Because of this, until recently inaugurated the vehicular bridge (located behind the pedestrian) had to fulfill the task of replacing the damaged footbridge. The latter was rebuilt and reinforced in late December 2008, and commenced the construction of lifts in their ascents. Along with this, in late 2008 was completed a new extension of the Boulevard, near the bank area. This mall is the largest of the chain outside the Metropolitan Region.

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