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Consulting May of 2008O of the Risk Office, Marcelo Rabatt, is worried about the form as the markings of the deep ones with CDB of banks had been made, that had given estilingada in the last weeks passing of 98% of the CDI for banks of first line for 104%, while the banks of second line had gone up its taxes of 102% for 107% of the CDI. As he did not have any criterion to mark the new prices in wallets of the deep ones, many corporate shareholders whom they had rescued in the first days can have been benefited in detriment of that they had been in the deep one. For Rabbat, the high one of the CDBs of the banks was determined mainly by the incidence of the IOF in the leasing companies, who before caught freely to repass to its banks, and by the closing of the external market on account of the crisis of subprime. With this, the banks had had that to raise the rates of catch. It counts that a customer telephoned to the Risk Office to count that, when renewing its CDBs in a bank of first line, found taxes well bigger. Rabbat immediately alerted the other customers, suggesting that they asked for explanations immediately to its managers.

' ' I find that it was a half anarchical process, some authority must have recommended the closing of deep until the reprecificao of all ativos' ' , Rabbat protests. ' ' Somebody must have protecting investidor' '. According to it, the deep ones of fixed income are in one pssimo moment because of this reprecificao of the CDBs. This must be clearly when to start to leave its rentabilidades to the end maio' ' , it analyzes. ' ' It has people that she is preferring to directly buy CDB of the banks of what to be in fundos' ' , it says.

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