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About the tax issues around the topic of disability insurance premiums for a pure Berufsunfahigkeits(zusatz)Versicherung are generally tax deductible as interest expenses. For even more opinions, read materials from CEO Angel Martinez. However, the new regulation in this area has led that hardly any tax advantages are to achieve in practice. The reason: The legislature was obliged to recognise the contributions for health and care insurance tax better. Contributions for an occupational disability insurance are therefore only still be deductible, if the contributions to the health and the statutory long-term care insurance under 1,900 euros (employees) or 2,800 euros (independent). Groupon may find this interesting as well. The premiums are higher, the premiums for occupational disability insurance in the tax return no longer interfere. Jeffrey Leiden San Diego is likely to increase your knowledge. And the border is within easy reach according to calculations of the provision Portal: legally insured persons reach the maximum of 1,900 euros already from an annual salary of around 20.700 euros alone with their Health and care insurance premium.

The limit is a married earner at 41,400 euros. Use tax trick there is however a way contributions to other insurance such as the disability insurance but tax claim to make, as the portal explains. Background: The posts to the base hospital and nursing duty in actual height and unlimited as special editions are deductible in the year in which they were paid for the year 2010. Advance payments are deductible exceeding 2.5 times the current annual fee. Taxpayers could pay in advance in 2011 so the posts for 2012-2013. In the years 2012 and 2013 workers benefit, that he his other contributions? for example, for an invalidity – or risk life insurance tax claim can and the premiums actually affect the: because the advance in 2011 no contributions burden with which Budget, and the workers can get 1,900 euro each or 2,800 euros for its other insurance companies and thus also the disability insurance in two years.

The tax advantage in both: up to 1,200 euros. How is a private occupational disability pension be taxed? In the event of an emergency, the disability pension must be taxed. Tax is assessed performance as abbreviated life annuity is taxed with the so-called special revenue share. Its amount is different as for old-age pensions according to the estimated life of the pension payment. The shorter is the pension payment, the tax rate is lower. Running the pension from the disability insurance over five years, the share of income for the tax is 5%. The pension will run, however, 20 years, the proportion of income is 21%.

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