Breakfast, outstanding among young

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It is the desire of many men. Getting rid of the curves that with the passage of time have been forming in the abdominal region of your body. Having a flat stomach, strong and toned chocolate table which is to say that from a perfect pecs run, marked, the rectus abdominis muscles. But the dream is not reality and in some cases surgery may help, but personal effort is required to take the curves in place. Breakfast is the unfinished business of the young Spaniards, both because of its poor quality as the high percentage of children who attend school without having eaten anything before (8.2 ).
The survey results made me Comes As users mess that reflects the daily breakfast, consumed mostly at home, a serving is incomplete and inadequate in many cases. Nutrition experts recommend to recover the traditional ration between meals, consisting mainly of the sandwich at home and prepared a piece of fruit.
School children between 6 and 13 years expressed higher percentages of inadequate pastries, cakes and sweets. According to Dr. Carmen Perez of the Community Nutrition Unit of Bilbao, the profile of food and half the food supply have changed in recent years. While the current food supply is more abundant and more variety than before, there is less time devoted to the acquisition, preparation and consumption of food.
The feeding profile shows a half high energy density, with a greater contribution of fats and sugars. While this trend increases, it decreases the energy consumed in physical exercise.
Exercise with good nutrition is essential for the proper development of children. However, approximately 50 of the population from 6 to 18 years does not comply with the recommendations of healthy physical activity, especially the girls.

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