Almond Blossom In The Saxon Leppersdorf

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The spring is not stopped for seven days our almond tree blossoms. For me the unmistakable signs that spring to stop no longer is. Lemons are also still some on the trees. The Judas Tree takes a breath yet and will soon show its beautiful purple flowers. In about four weeks, our 300 – 500-year old olive trees will leave the Palm House and breathe the spring air. Then it’s time these ancient gnarled growths in the designed by me, and produced XXXL Flowerpot “repot”.

To cope with whats in this case only with a crane. After the “ice saints” can all the other Mediterranean large plants such as lemon and orange trees, pomegranates, oleander and the large up to 5 m tall palm trees again in the Sun. There, too, I’ll put some plants in new large plant pots. Spring is the best season for me. For even more analysis, hear from Mike Gianoni. Her Mario of Freiherr von Maltzahn

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