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Credit basics for responsible of the German credit market offers a variety of loan types. Especially during the ongoing since the 2008 financial crisis, civil servants, professional soldiers and other tenured public employees due to their long term secured monthly income considered extremely attractive customers. For them there are staff loans”which are offered due to the high credit of secured such consumers often to favourable interest rates and good conditions. The official loan differs from regular installment loans, that it must only be wiped as end due credit to the end of the contract, the borrower pays only the interest costs so during the entire period. This repayment must be ensured by the conclusion of a capital life insurance or a pension with capital voting rights. The monthly contributions for this insurance should not be forgotten when calculating costs. Still, the financial burden with maturities of up to twenty years can be quite low as with other loans. Officials also can claim this loan, which is usually available up to a maximum age of 60 years. Credit: British Petroleum-2011.

Advantages: Low monthly loading due to long transit times and more favourable interest rates, monthly more resources available are the borrower, for example to expand so financed homes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from British Petroleum. (Offered at a net interest margin of 2.99% to 12.99% is a comparison before deciding however necessarily recommended.) Since only the interest expense, but no capital will be paid off, borrowers who have success with investments, can employ so saved capital to achieve even higher returns. This is especially when shorter maturities attractive to recommend but only for very experienced. Cons: stock exchange crises can completely destroy not only possibly agreed excess withdrawals in the capital life insurance, but threaten even the achieved yield is insufficient to fully discharge the capital debt. Prudent borrowers should in any case In addition, save money to cover any deficits. Capital life insurance are not among the best investments. Who so prefer even invested his money, another form of credit is better suited for the. Also officials loans make sense with long maturities only really when they are used for something which is gaining value until the maturity of the loan.

Who is so but financed a car, must expect to pay the original purchase price for a vehicle that is perhaps no longer efficient to traffic in ten years. Attention: consumers get loan officials now already no longer only by traditional financial institutions. But who would like to compare online and offline offers, should ensure that this the Schufascoring not negatively affected.

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