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The Methodology of Training Baseball By William Valdes – pitching coach. The sport of baseball as a conditioning activity does not contribute fully to the physical development of athletes who practice it, or the maintenance of the sporting way. For a long time training programs for baseball players have been based on exercises, sprinting, pulled quickly and endurance as a means of strengthening the legs and avoid sore arm. Naturally most of the time is devoted to improving skills of fielding, batting and throwing to bases. Undoubtedly, the lack of adequate exercise and effort are insignificant players to perform activities contained in the training programs they could not contribute to physical development and the elevation of the functional possibilities of them, since as is known in all training efforts should be made large and significant for the process to activate rehabilitated to the point that the working capacity of athletes not only recover the initial level, unless it recovers. Consistent with this fact the baseball training programs have been modified, as they are cyclical and will help to solve the following tasks: general and specific physical preparation of athletes, preparing technical and tactical, moral and volitional preparation, the preparation psychology and theoretical training. The general and special physical preparation, containing physical exercises that constitute the primary means of physical development and elevation of the functional possibilities of the body. As is known, all the physical qualities are linked to each other and any exercise influences the entire body. The force on a necessary quality for the mastery of specific skills of baseball. The players during the game did not lift anything heavier than a glove, a bat and ball, this is certainly not involve a significant effort that may cause significant changes in the body. Speed is the most important physical quality in a baseball player, as this is used in both offensive and defensive, their development is obtained through short periods of starts, sprints, races with change of address. Flexibility exercises help to give greater scope for movement and thus help improve the technique of the race.The resistance is a fundamental quality pitchers, the specific resistance is obtained by using repetitions of middle-distance routes, number of repetitions or running short distances in a continuous distances between 1000 m and approximately 1500 meters. The technical-tactical preparation are elements that complement each other to form a unit, while the technique provides the means to wage the fight sport , tactics ensures the good performance of it.

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