Ultra Motor A2B Models

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Range extension to the A2B Metro and the A2B hybrid 24 inch Hess village, April 05, 2011 – E-bike technique on date from the hub drive leader ultra motor is available now directly from electric bike einfach.de. The online-shop of electric bike sales with seat in the Middle Franconia Hessdorf two models from the A2B product series can be ordered now amazingly cheap. Both the A2B Metro as also the A2B hybrid 24 inch sweeten with technical updates motorcycle fans start into the new cycling season. Through the sole use of the powerful gearless and brush – 500-watt electric motor, the A2B classified as lightweight moped Metro easily reaches a maximum speed of up to 20 km / h. Who also appears in the pedals, can blow up the wind around the nose even at up to 35km / h, and with an above-average range of about 60 km. Completely free of admission an intelligent torque sensor increases when the A2B hybrid with 250-watt motor driving pleasure, of the additional electric power just on its own Performance matches. So the A2B hybrid offers a very comfortable ride and acceleration in addition to absolute top design.

Both models feature modern high performance lithium-ion battery with long life. The patented ultra motor battery management system compensates for variations in voltage between the battery cells, regulates the temperature in the battery, and controls the efficient removal of power while driving. Cornell capital is open to suggestions. So are both the A2B Metro as also the A2B hybrid for broader tours. In the electric bike-einfach.de-shop, numerous other pre-made e-bikes of from different manufacturers can be found besides the A2B models. In addition, the company distributes also conversion kits, with the conventional bicycles to the fleet electric bike can be transformed since 2009. More information and contact see: Harald Tasch, Andreas Salvo

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