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In most children, bronchiolitis is a self-limiting disease and can be operated on the patient’s home. However, for children with significant risk factors or severe, including concomitant diseases or preexisting, low weight, prematurity or malnutrition, among others, the management of HIV infection should be supervised by a medical setting. The treatment of bronchiolitis has changed little over the years, there are treatments whose effectiveness has been demonstrated and, therefore, in many cases, the effectiveness of the treatment strategy employed no conclusive evidence. The therapy is primarily supportive where oxygenation and hydration is the mainstay. It is sometimes required the administration of intravenous therapy, especially in very young children in respiratory distress that may be as important to food difficult.It may also be necessary to supply oxygen to maintain oxygen levels in the blood, and in severe cases the child may need mechanical ventilation. Antipir ricos should be used to control fever. Several publications present conflicting opinions about the validity of chest physiotherapy in patients with bronchiolitis. has not been shown whether sprayed or warm humidification is beneficial, nor is there evidence that humidification in itself has no positive effect in the treatment of bronchiolitis. Ribavirin is an antiviral drug that has some effect on RSV infection, used a few years ago but is in disuse at present to objectify no significant improvement. citation needed generally not admitted to using antibiotics unless a bacterial infection is suspected. Brocodilatadoras drugs can produce some effect in some children.Nebulised adrenaline appears to produce improvement in these children but at the end of their period of action can produce a rebound effect, which increases the frame obstructive airway, so its use remains controversial. It is indicated corticosteroids routinely, to help reduce inflammation and relieve bronchiole obstructive process.

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